Mardock Scramble (GN 4)

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Title: Mardock Scramble
Volume: GN 4
Pages: 192
Distributor: Kodansha Comics

Release date: 2012-02-21
Suggested retail price: $10.99
Age rating: 16+

ISBN-10: 1612620663 1612620663
ISBN-13: 9781612620664 9781612620664

Rune Balot is a prostitute nearly murdered by Ciel,​ an enigmatic casino manager who suffers from a disease that forces him to remove and store his memories.​ While on the brink of death,​ she is given the opportunity to live.​ It is not a simple choice for a life-long victim,​ but Rune takes it.​ A professor brings Rune back to life as a cyborg with the ability to control electronics and partners her up with a self-aware universal tool named Oeufcocque.​ Together they begin to unravel the mystery behind Ciel.​ Rune works to shed the role of the victim,​ but must struggle between seeking justice and vengeance.​

Story by Tow Ubukata and Art by Yoshitoki Oima.​

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