Kaiba (DVD/R4)

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Title: Kaiba
Volume: DVD/R4
Running time: 290
Distributor: Siren Visual

Release date: 2011-06-22
Suggested retail price: $49.95
Age rating: PG

What are memories?
Souls? Spirits?

This is a world where memories can be turned into data and stored. Even if the body dies, its memories live on and can be transferred to another body. Bad memories can be erased and good ones downloaded. However, this is something only privileged can do.

In a world like this, our protagonist Warp (aka Kaiba) is travelling in another body while having no memories of his own...

From acclaimed director Masaaki Yuasa (Mindgame, The Tatami Galaxy) and featuring an evocative synth score by Kiyoshi Yoshida (The Girl Who Leapt through Time), Kaiba is a science fiction love story with a unique visual style and an undercurrent of existential longing.

"Beautiful, sad and poignant, "Kaiba" is one of the best series I've ever seen, animated or not. Period. There is simply nothing else quite like it, not even within Masaaki Yuasa's own filmography." - Ard Vijn, Twitch Film

EAN: 9330080007936

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