Usagi Drop (Sub.DVD/R4)

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Title: Usagi Drop
Volume: Sub.DVD/R4
Running time: 320
Distributor: Siren Visual

Release date: 2012-02-22
Suggested retail price: $49.95
Age rating: PG

SKU: SVE-0816
EAN: 9330080008162 9330080008162

At his grandfather's funeral, 30-year-old bachelor businessman Kawachi Daikichi encounters 6 year old Rin, who is shunned by his immediate family.

As he presses his relatives for information, he discovers Rin is the child of his grandfather's mistress, a secret which brought shame on their conservative family.

Daikichi doesn't like children, but the cold attitude of his relatives towards her causes Daikichi to reconsider his stance and adopt Rin and raise her as if she were his own daughter. After all, she is blood...and endearingly cute!

What kind of clothes to buy her? What to feed her? What to do about nursery school? Daikichi's new life raising a 6-year-old girl is an uninterrupted stream of bewilderment.

Directed by Kanta Kamei (Tales of Vasperia), Usagi Drop is based on the best-selling manga by Yumi Unita and appeared on Fuji TV's noitaminA slot in 2010 where it was met with a strong positive response.

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