Natsume's Book of Friends - Season 3 [Premium Edition] (Sub.Blu-Ray +DVD)

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Title: Natsume's Book of Friends - Season 3 [Premium Edition]
Volume: Sub.Blu-Ray +DVD
Running time: 315
Distributor: NIS America

Release date: 2013-03-05
Suggested retail price: $69.99
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 813633012520 813633012520

Takashi Natsume has always been shunned by those around him because of his mysterious ability to see yokai. Eventually, he came into possession of his grandmother Reiko's "Book of Friends," and together with his bodyguard Nyanko-sensei he set out to return the names of the yokai contained within it. Since then, he's found a home with the Fujiwaras and surrounded himself with friends at school. Little does he know he's about to be dragged unwittingly into further trouble...

Contains episodes 1-13 of season 3 and a full-color, 32-page hardcover art book styled after the Book of Friends and featuring detailed info about the characters, an episode guide, rough sketches, and Japanese DVD package illustrations.

Special Features: Clean Opening, Clean Ending, Japanese Commercials.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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