Nisemonogatari - Box Set [Limited Edition] (Sub.Blu-Ray)

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Title: Nisemonogatari - Box Set [Limited Edition]
Volume: Sub.Blu-Ray
Running time: 280
Distributor: Aniplex of America

Release date: 2013-02-26
Suggested retail price: $149.98
Age rating: 16+

SKU: aoa2405
UPC: 850527003240 850527003240

The sequel to Bakemonogatari!

Crab, snail, monkey, snake and cat... Supernatural incidents revolving around five girls were solved thanks to Koyomi Araragi. With these mysteries laid to rest, Koyomi Araragi can now begin to live a normal life, or at least so it seems...

His "unusual" life starts when Koyomi wakes up in a ruined school building, captured and chained by Hitagi Senjyogahara. She says, "I will protect you, Araragi!" Exactly what is Senjyogahara up to?! With Koyomi's two younger sisters Karen and Tsukihi (a.k.a the Fire Sisters) now involved, Koyomi once again finds himself tangled with apparitions!

Contains episodes 1-11 plus a 36-page, full-color booklet.

Special Features: Textless Openings and Endings, Trailer Collection.

Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.

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