Beyblade - Euroblade Showdown (DVD 7)

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Title: Beyblade - Euroblade Showdown
Volume: DVD 7
Running time: 125
Distributor: Geneon Entertainment Inc.

Release date: 2004-02-24
Suggested retail price: $19.98
Age rating: 7+

SKU: 11966
UPC: 013023196698 013023196698

Dub Only

Traveling through Europe, the Bladebreakers meet and challenge some of the world's best Beybladers. En route from London to Paris, their train is hijacked by an evil, zombie-like team bent on destroying the sport of Beyblade altogether. These nightmarish opponents, the Dark Bladers, make it their mission to steal bit beasts. Do the Bladebreakers have what it takes to triumph over pure evil?

DVD Features: Hasbro Toy Promo, ABC Family TV Spot.

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