Gunsmith Cats - Kidnapped (GN 7 of 9)

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Title: Gunsmith Cats - Kidnapped
Volume: GN 7 / 9
Pages: 232
Distributor: Dark Horse Comics

Release date: 2001-03-07
Suggested retail price: $16.95
Age rating: 18+

ISBN-10: 1569715297 1569715297
ISBN-13: 9781569715291 9781569715291

It's a ho-hum assignment for bounty hunter Rally Vincent: stake out the house of a bail-jumping television magician/​hypnotist,​ Mr.​ Smart.​

But when Smart's wife sets him up for a false kidnapping charge - the supposed kidnapping of his own daughter - with the help of her conniving lawyer lover,​ the gig gets messy.​ Especially when the young girl gets kidnapped for real by mobsters who place an explosive collar around her throat as insurance!

The crooks need Smart's unique skills in an audacious robbery,​ and they're using his daughter's life as leverage! Can the booby-trap be disarmed before it's too late?​ Can Rally stop the gangsters before they pull off the heist and leave Smart holding the bag! The you-know-what's about to hit the fan!

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