Gunsmith Cats - Mister V (GN 8 of 9)

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Title: Gunsmith Cats - Mister V
Volume: GN 8 / 9
Pages: 224
Distributor: Dark Horse Comics

Release date: 2001-10-10
Suggested retail price: $18.95
Age rating: 18+

SKU: DH11176
ISBN-10: 1569715505 1569715505
ISBN-13: 9781569715505 9781569715505

The word's on the street that a new crime syndicate is moving into Chicago in full force,​ pushing a new drug called Powerball,​ a.​k.​a.​ Kerasine 2.​ These new thugs are tearing through the cops and the competition like they were made of wet paper.​

But the beautiful bounty hunter Rally Vincent knows who's behind it all: her arch-enemy,​ the ultra-hitwoman Goldie,​ back to make good on her promise to make Rally her personal slave - or a stiff in the morgue!

Rally's taking no chances and plans to take the fight to Goldie,​ but the Amazonian crime boss has new muscle,​ the mysterious master marksman Mister V! And if Mister V's bullets don't do Rally in,​ his true identity may give her a heart attack!

Story and art by Kenichi Sonoda.​

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