Pokemon Advanced (Dub.VHS 5)

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Title: Pokemon Advanced
Volume: Dub.VHS 5
Running time: 110
Distributor: Viz Media

Release date: 2004-11-09
Suggested retail price: $9.98
Age rating: nr

UPC: 782009191131 782009191131

Contains 3 episodes!

Which Wurmple's Which?
A battle between Jessie and May's wurmples turns into complete confusion. Will Ash and his friends switch wurmples before Team Rocket jets off?

A Hole Lotta Trouble
Team Rocket's knack for digging holes is helpful when Ash and the gang get together with Jessie, James and Meowth to escape Granite Cage before it caves in.

Gone Corphishin'
When a mysterious Pokemon disrupts Ash's new training technique, it's up to our heores to uncover the identity of this pesky Pokemon.

Spoken Languages: English.

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