Don't Be Cruel [2-in-1 Edition] (GN 1-2)

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Title: Don't Be Cruel [2-in-1 Edition]
Volume: GN 1-2
Pages: 308
Distributor: SuBLime

Release date: 2016-06-14
Suggested retail price: $16.99
Age rating: 17+

ISBN-10: 1421586975 1421586975
ISBN-13: 9781421586977 9781421586977

Playboy Maya catches studious Nemugasa cheating on a test, and to ensure his silence Maya blackmails Nemugasa into doing whatever he wants. Twice a week Nemugasa must go to Maya's room for some steamy action, but as dense and oblivious as Nemugasa is, he fails to notice Maya’s true feelings for him. With college entrance exams around the corner, Nemugasa must focus on his studies, but Maya won’t stop distracting him, causing him to finally snap! Can a relationship built on harassment ever be more?

Story and art by Yonezou Nekota.

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