The Quest for the Missing Girl (GN)

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Title: The Quest for the Missing Girl
Volume: GN
Pages: 336
Distributor: Ponent Mon

Release date: 2010-01-01
Suggested retail price: $25

ISBN-10: 8496427471 8496427471
ISBN-13: 9788496427471 9788496427471

WHEN MOUNTAIN AND CITY COLLIDE! Mountaineer Shiga made a promise to his best friend following his tragic death in the Himalayas. Twelve years later and he is called upon to honor that promise. When 15-year-old student, Megumi, fails to arrive home from school her mother calls on her dead husband's best friend for help. Shiga abandons his mountain refuge and enters the city to look for the girl. With the police investigation at a standstill, Shiga decides to go it alone. But the metropolis can be a much more hostile and dangerous ground than the mountains. What has happened to the youngster and will Shiga find her before it is too late? Multi-award winning creator, Jiro Taniguchi, builds the tension to a massive climax in this exciting drama!

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