Dororo - Complete Series (Sub.DVD)

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Title: Dororo - Complete Series
Volume: Sub.DVD
Running time: 600
Distributor: Eastern Star

Release date: 2016-04-26
Suggested retail price: $49.95
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 875707091091 875707091091

Hyakkimaru is a tortured young man who lost 48 parts of his body when his own father offered him up to demons in exchange for power. Traveling the war-torn countryside of Sengoku era Japan, he quests to slay the demons and regain his humanity piece by piece.

On his journey he is accompanied by Dororo, an enigmatic young orphan and sneak-thief who has made it a personal goal to swipe Hyakkimaru's swords.

Together the two will face horrific monsters and the even more horrific ravages of war!

Brought to life by the great Gisaburo Sugii (Night on the Galactic Railroad, Touch) and packed with stories unique to the anime version, including the conclusion of Hyakkimaru and Dororo's story not found in the manga, this is the definitive version of Osamu Tezuka's classic.

Dororo contains all 26 episodes and the pilot film.

Spoken Languages: Japanese with English subtitles.

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