Don't Be Cruel: Akira Takanashi's Story (GN)

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Title: Don't Be Cruel: Akira Takanashi's Story
Volume: GN
Pages: 200
Distributor: SuBLime

Release date: 2017-03-14
Suggested retail price: $12.99
Age rating: 18+

ISBN-10: 1421586991 1421586991
ISBN-13: 9781421586991 9781421586991

In this spin-off series from Don’t Be Cruel, Maya’s cousin Akira Takanashi is burned by love and to cope he insists on keeping things strictly physical.

Polite and proper college student Akira Takanashi has a secret. Back in high school, he fell deeply in love with his teacher but was spurned. Now, whenever the pain of his heartbreak gets to be too much, he finds comfort in the arms of med student and notorious playboy Shimagawa—very adult comfort. Shimagawa would gladly go out with him, but Akira’s past heartbreak means he insists on keeping things strictly physical—that is, until his obsessed younger brother Jutta arrives to disrupt this comfortable routine!

Story and art by Yonezou Nekota.

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