Selector Infected Wixoss - The Complete Series [UK] (DVD/R2)

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Title: Selector Infected Wixoss - The Complete Series [UK]
Volume: DVD/R2
Running time: 288
Distributor: Anime Limited

Release date: 2016-05-15
Suggested retail price: $24.49

SKU: ANI0107
EAN: 5037899062968 5037899062968

In the popular game WIXOSS, there are special cards called LRIGs that few players know about - cards that possess personalities and wills of their own. Ruko is a teenage girl who just found one of these rare cards. Now, she can use her LRIG to battle in a strange, dark plane of existence. If she wins, her wishes will be granted - but what happens if she loses?

Contains all 12 episodes in English and Japanese with English subtitles.

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