The High School Life of a Fudanshi (GN 3)

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Title: The High School Life of a Fudanshi
Volume: GN 3
Pages: 180
Distributor: Seven Seas Entertainment

Release date: 2018-01-09
Suggested retail price: $12.99
Age rating: Teen

ISBN-13: 9781626926790 9781626926790


For fans of Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun and Princess Jellyfish comes an all-new comedy about one man’s obsession with BL!

Ryo Sakaguchi has a deep, dark secret: he’s a fudanshi�a straight boy obsessed with BL. While he has trouble understanding how others don’t find the same bliss he does from his unusual hobby, that doesn’t make it any easier for Ryo to buy his precious manga from the “girls” section of the store, or any simpler explaining the world of boys’ love, shipping wars, and doujinshi circles to his best friend Nakamura. Will Ryo find other fanboys to share his hobby with, or is he doomed to sit alone on his throne of BL romance?

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