Infinite Dendrogram (eBook 5)

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Title: Infinite Dendrogram
Volume: eBook 5
Distributor: J-Novel Club

Release date: 2018-03-06
Suggested retail price: $7.34

EAN: 2940159085689 2940159085689

Thanks to Ray and his allies, the chaos in the city of duels is gradually abating. However, Giga Professor Franklin is far too obsessed with victory to let it end so easily... “Plan C!” he cries, as he plays yet another ace up his sleeve. But as Franklin stands proud, watching Gideon — and the kingdom with it — face utter destruction, a certain man moves out to show the Giga Professor the true meaning of the word.

(added on 2018-03-09, modified on 2018-04-30)

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