A Perfect Day for Love Letters (GN 1)

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Title: A Perfect Day for Love Letters
Volume: GN 1
Pages: 208
Distributor: Del Rey

Release date: 2005-06-16
Suggested retail price: $10.99
Age rating: 16+

ISBN-10: 0345482662 0345482662
ISBN-13: 9780345482662 9780345482662

Five Letters... Five Chances for Love.

1. When a librarian receives a love letter hidden in one of her books, she finds a very unlikely reading partner.

2. The meanest boy at school sends a letter that falls into the wrong hands, compelling him to reveal a side of himself that no one ever expected.

3. A mistreated young girl finds hope in a friend, and the strength to leave her troubled past behind.

4. There's a single love letter – and its author could be any one of a number of boys. Now the search is on to discover the tender wordsmith's identity.

5. When a mailman befriends a blind woman who recently lost her companion, he tries to heal her loneliness through love letters.

Written by George Asakura.

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