Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade (DVD)

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Title: Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
Volume: DVD
Running time: 102
Distributor: Bandai Entertainment

Release date: 2002-03-05
Suggested retail price: $19.98
Age rating: 13+

SKU: 80096
UPC: 669198800962 669198800962

From the creators of Ghost in the Shell and Akira.​..

Set in an alternate history of Japan,​ Constable Fuse is part of an elite Special Forces unit known as the Capital Police whose mission is to maintain peace during a time of civil unrest.​ Entangled within a web of intrigue and politics between the Capital Police,​ the government intelligence bureau,​ and a secret society known as Jin-Roh - the Wolf Brigade.​ Fuse's decisions will determine the ultimate fate of the Capital Police and those around him.​

DVD Features: DTS Audio: Japanese,​ Dolby Digital 5.​1 Audio: Japanese/​English,​ Trailers

Spoken Languages: English,​ Japanese,​ English subtitles.​

Previously identified as UPC 669198188190 (SKU 1881) with $29.98 MSRP

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