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Jack and the Beanstalk [CED] [Dub] (LD)

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Title: Jack and the Beanstalk [CED] [Dub]
Volume: LD
Running time: 98
Distributor: RCA/Columbia Magic Window

Release date: 1984-00-00
Age rating: G

UPC: 076476030896 076476030896

 The classic children's fable about a brave young boy whose "worthless beans" take him to a magic kingdom in the sky is colorfully retold in this full-length animated feature. Adding bright songs and rainbow artistry to this beloved tale, Jack and the Beanstalk will fill you with excitement, joy and wonder.
 A poor farm boy named Jack sells his only possession, a cow, to a wily musician. In exchange for the cow, he receives a handful of beans. When his mother learns about Jack's foolish transaction, she tosses the beans out the window. But these are magical beans, and by morning a great beanstalk has grown, stretching way up into the sky.
*ensp;Jack and his faithful dog, Crosby, promptly climb the beanstalk where they find an enormous castle built upon a cloud. Here, in this enchanted kingdom, the lad meets the beautiful Princess Margaret, the eil witch Hecuba, and of course, the terrifying Giant.
Jack and the Beanstalk has long been a favorite of children everywhere. This very special musical version brings the wondrous story to life with great humor and brilliant animation. So climb the magic beanstalk with Jack and see that dreams really do come true.

Original UPC-11 code was 0-76476-03089

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