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Does a Hot Elf Live Next Door to You? (GN 3)

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Title: Does a Hot Elf Live Next Door to You?
Volume: GN 3
Pages: 160
Distributor: Seven Seas Entertainment

Release date: 2022-02-15
Age rating: 16+

ISBN-10: 1648275117 1648275117
ISBN-13: 9781648275111 9781648275111


It’s hard enough for high school student and wannabe mangaka Inudou with a smokin’ hot and ultra-weeby elf neighbor, but when Surt demands that he visit her homeland, everything gets harder. And it’s not just the fake engagement with Surt set up to appease her father, there’s a little matter of a warm bath with a dragon-tailed maid, and a midnight kiss!
What (and who?) is a boy to do when he’s trapped between two worlds, and plenty of girls!

(added on 2021-12-29, modified on 2021-12-29)

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