Grenadier - Holy Handgrenades (DVD 2 of 3)

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Title: Grenadier - Holy Handgrenades
Volume: DVD 2 / 3
Running time: 100
Distributor: Media Blasters

Release date: 2005-08-30
Suggested retail price: $29.95
Age rating: 13+

UPC: 631595054675 631595054675

After her battle with King Furon, Rushuna and Yajirou travel to the Red Light District run by the Senshi Touka. But Lady Tenshi, Rushuna's former mistress, has put a bounty of 5,000 coins on her head. Rushuna finds that Tenshi's Ten Heavenly Senshi are coming after her, one at a time. And her usual feminine charms will have no effect on them. To learn the truth from Tenshi herself, Rushuna travels to the capital with the help of the balloon master, Mikan. But Yajirou seems to have his own agenda when it comes to the Lady Tenshi.

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