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Stravaganza: The Queen in the Iron Mask (GN 3)

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Title: Stravaganza: The Queen in the Iron Mask
Volume: GN 3
Distributor: Udon Entertainment

Release date: 2020-03-03
Age rating: 16 Years

ISBN-10: 1772941050 1772941050
ISBN-13: 9781772941050 9781772941050

The world is at war. Humans, Orcs, Werewolves, Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Klord, Sephyea - all will have their parts to play before the final swords clash. There will be losses, and Queen Vivian will need to show the true strength of the Queen in the Iron Mask.

(added on 2024-03-09, modified on 2024-03-09)

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