Power Stone - The Last Battlefield (DVD 6 of 6)

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Title: Power Stone - The Last Battlefield
Volume: DVD 6 / 6
Running time: 125
Distributor: ADV Films

Release date: 2002-07-02
Suggested retail price: $19.98
Age rating: NR

UPC: 702727019821 702727019821
ISBN-10: 1578132738 1578132738
ISBN-13: 9781578132737 9781578132737

When two of the mysterious and magical Power Stones are stolen, young
adventurer Edward Falcon sets out to warn his friends Wang Tang and Gunrock.
His warning arrives too late, however, as dark hands of magic are already
circling around our intrepid heroes. Mysterious apparitions begin to attack
Edward and his friends-monsters that somehow seem connected to his idol, the
fighter Valgas. Then, Edward discovers the terrible secret behind his
enemies' acquisition of the Power Stones - and you can bet it won't be
welcome news. Finally, in the terrifying Dark Land, Edward and his
combative cohorts are confronted with the supreme evil incarnate. You won't
believe how this one ends! Don't miss a single second of the thrilling
conclusion of Power Stone!

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