Vampire Hunter D - Demon Deathchase (Novel 3)

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Title: Vampire Hunter D - Demon Deathchase
Volume: Novel 3
Pages: 216
Distributor: Dark Horse Comics

Release date: 2005-12-14
Suggested retail price: $11.99
Age rating: 16+

ISBN-10: 1595820310 1595820310
ISBN-13: 9781595820310 9781595820310

The vampire hunter known only as D has been hired by a wealthy,​ dying man to find his daughter,​ who was kidnapped by the powerful vampire Lord Meierlink.​ Though humans speak well of Meierlink,​ the price on his head is too high for D to ignore and he sets out to save the girl before she can be turned into an undead creature of the night.​

In the nightmare world of 12090 A.​D.​, finding Meierlink before he reaches the spaceport in the Clayborn States and gets off the planet will be hard enough,​ but D has more than just Meierlink to worry about.​ The dying man is taking no chances,​ and has also enlisted the Marcus family,​ a renegade clan of four brothers and a sister who don't care who they kill as long as they get paid.​

Story by Hideyuki Kikuchi and art by Yoshitaka Amano.​

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