Crossroad (GN 4)

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Title: Crossroad
Volume: GN 4
Pages: 200
Distributor: Go! Comi

Release date: 2006-07-31
Suggested retail price: $10.99
Age rating: 13+

ISBN-10: 1933617047 1933617047
ISBN-13: 9781933617046 9781933617046

The Toda household continues its epic struggle against the cruel world that threatens to tear it apart!

Kajitsu finds herself at the threshold of womanhood when her teacher offers to tutor her in more than just calligraphy. As she struggles with her conflicted emotions, she discovers her beloved step-brother Natsu has started hanging out with a really hot girl! Does this mean he has a girlfriend?

And to top it all off, elder brother Taro is sneaking around and skimming money from the household funds! Is he the father of a love child, or is there some other shady reason for his behavior?

Story and art by Shioko Mizuki.

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