Satisfaction Guaranteed (GN 2 of 9)

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Title: Satisfaction Guaranteed
Volume: GN 2 / 9
Pages: 192
Distributor: Tokyopop

Release date: 2006-11-07
Suggested retail price: $9.99
Age rating: 13+

ISBN-10: 159816533X 159816533X
ISBN-13: 9781598165333 9781598165333

Yoshitsune finds himself chained up - literally - in an apartment! His latest client has imprisoned him so that she could have him all to herself. You see, she wants to take care of him... because Yoshitsune looks like her old dog!

Story and art by Ryo Saenagi.

(added on 2006-06-07, modified on 2006-06-07)

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