Clover (GN 1 of 4)

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Title: Clover
Volume: GN 1 / 4
Pages: 128
Distributor: Tokyopop

Release date: 2001-05-15
Suggested retail price: $14.99
Age rating: 13+

ISBN-10: 1892213664 1892213664
ISBN-13: 9781892213662 9781892213662

Withdrawn and seemingly fragile, Sue is a Four-Leaf Clover who possesses unique abilities. Feared by a militaristic government, she is imprisoned for her entire life to live in isolation....

All of that changes when Special Agent Kazuhiko is assigned to escort the girl to the mysterious playground called Fairy Park. Coming out of retirement, Kazuhiko is ordered to to escort and protect Sue from subversive organizations that would kill to capture the "Clover" and exploit her abilities.

This is a stunning - and faithful - recreation of the original Japanese book which includes: a parchment dust jacket, color prints in the front and back of the book, and a meticulous translation of the book into English maintaining the beauty of the original layout.

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