Top Ten Fushigi Yuugi Dub Nightmares

by Lee Zion,
In about six weeks, American audiences will get to watch Fushigi Yuugi with English-speaking voice actors. Now, thanks to fansubs, the current fans have grown accustomed to hearing the Japanese voices, and it will be hard for them to adjust to the new voices. Although I IMAGINE that Pioneer will do a good job, there's always a chance somebody, somewhere, will mess it up. Thus, I present the Top Ten worst dubbing nightmares going through the minds of FY fans right now....

10. Tama-chan's meow sounds like Ryo-Oh-Ki.

9. Tasuki with Yosemite Sam accent.

8. Nuriko's voice done by Charo. ( You know, the "cuchi-cuchi" girl)

7. Chichiri ends each sentence with, "Y.A. dig?"

6. Due to miscommunication at Pioneer, the seventh Seeriyu seishi is now "Mihoshi."

5. Male Nyann-Nyanns.

4. Miaka now has Valley Girl voice.

3. Chiriko voice done by one of the kids from Hanson.

2. Tomo voice done by Ricardo Moltanban. ("I am Mr. Roark, your host. Welcome to Fantasy Clamshell...")

And the greatest dubbed FY nightmare...
1. Miaka says "Tama... home..." even more often than she does now

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