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2002 Year in Review: Part III

2002: A Year in Review

Welcome to ANN's look back at the year 2002.
Before you start, a note about Links in these articles.

Part I

Opening Editorial - George Phillips takes a glance back at ANN's accomplishments this year.

Manga in Review - The highlights of manga in America, by Bamboo Dong.

Japan In Review - KUMI Kaoru takes a look at the top 10 anime stories from Japan.

Theatrical Anime - Spirited Away, Escaflowne, Metropolis and more, by Mike Crandol.

Anime Conventions - Mikhail Koulikov looks back at the anime convention circuit.

Fansubs - The growth of Digisubbing and its impact on the Anime Industry, by Zac Bertschy.

Part II

Anime on Campus - Mikhail Koulikov takes a look at the Academic side of Anime.

Magazines and Anthologies - Shonen Jump, Newtype, Pulp and more, by Scott Green.

The Most Powerful - A look at the most powerful figures of Anime, by the ANN staff, compiled by Isaac Alexander.

The Encyclopedia - A Programmers's Tale - Daniel DeLorme looks at the Encyclopedia's first year.

Part III

Licensing - A look at the licensing stories of 2002, by Allen Divers.

Anime Legal Battles - The year of the Lawsuit, by Jonathan Mays.
Due to the complexity of this article it is being delayed and will be posted at a later date.

Anime on TV - A look at the year that Anime exploded onto North American TV sets, by George Phillips.

Anime Industry - A look at the industry, by Isaac Alexander.

Death of Anime Websites - Dearly departed, we recall you, by George Phillips.

Other News - The top news stories (that didn't deserve their own articles), By Christopher Macdonald.

Closing Editorial - A look forward, at 2003, by Christopher Macdonald.

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