Exclusive Look at MTV's New Manga-Style Comic

by Bamboo Dong,

MTV will be launching a manga-style webcomic next week on MTV Geek called Divination. The first four pages are being previewed on MTV Geek, but ANN has an exclusive sneak peek at the first 11 pages. The series follows a teenage girl named Anastasia Kempka who begins experiencing vision of spirits and other apparitions, and soon worries that she's being chased by Death itself. She eventually realizes that she has a unique tie to the afterlife, and must come to terms with her new role.

New chapters of the comic will be released every week for free on MTV Geek over the next 20 weeks, and will afterwards be made available for purchase on comiXology. The series is written by Val Staples, an Eisner-nominated colorist for Criminal and X-Men and writer of Image's Masters of the Universe series, along with Gina Iorio, and writer Gina Iorio. The books will be illustrated by Julia Laud, who's current project is Penguin's adaptation of The Chronicles of Vladimir.

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