Daily Video: Touhou 'Bad Apple' Video Collection (Updated)

posted on 2010-09-10 23:43 EDT by Gia Manry
Side-by-side comparison video of 4 fan-made videos posted to Nico Nico Douga

The original "Bad Apple" song was released as an instrumental background track in the game Lotus Land Story, the fourth in the dōjin (self-published) shooting game series Touhou Project. A dōjin recording studio called Alstroemeria Records released a vocal remix sung by singer/voice actress Nomico in May 2008. A Nico Nico Douga user going by the name Anira created a shadow art music video (top left) for the remixed song and posted it to the Japanese video site on October 27, 2009.

Anira's video has been viewed over 9 million times on Nico Nico as of this writing, and on January 28, 2010, another version (top right) of the video was posted by another user, shige-ruuu, which took 6,566 stills from the original video and reproduced them as a stop-motion film. American cable news channel CNN featured the stop-motion video as part of a segment on viral videos later that week.

On November 19, 2009, the bottom-left version of the video was posted by the Nico Nico user moomin from a laser art video by YouTube user dnstje, and the bottom-right video was posted by Harigane on August 22, 2010. The combined comparison video was posted by user Luna on September 6, 2010.

Update: "Bad Apple's" game corrected. Thanks, Reaper gI.

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