Daily Video: Kimagure Orange Road's Izumi Matsumoto

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Manga creator discusses creation, distribution of digital manga

In the above video, manga creator Izumi Matsumoto discussed his work with digital manga. Matsumoto said that his original inspiration was to create manga in color around the same time that coloring a drawing digitally was becoming a possibility. Matsumoto then wondered whether fans would enjoy seeing the manga on a screen, the way it was created, rather than in print.

Matsumoto is best known for creating the 1984-1987 romantic comedy manga Kimagure Orange Road and the 1987-1988 television anime series that followed. In 1996, Matsumoto released a special chapter of the manga, titled Panic in Sentō! (Panic in the Bathhouse!), digitally via CD-ROM. The chapter was published in Shueisha's Super Jump magazine last year. Matsumoto had to put his manga career on hold as he rehabilitated from cerebrospinal fluid disease, but he has been working towards his return for the past five years.

Manga translator and Japanese in Mangaland author Marc Bernabé produced this video as part of his Masters of Manga website and video series.

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