Pepsi Nex Zero Gundam [email protected] Figures for Sale

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16 bear-shaped mini-figures bundled with Pepsi Nex Zero bottles in Japan

The online retail site Rakuten is listing a new collaborative product in which 16 exclusive Gundam [email protected] figurines from Medicom Toy will be bundled with 500-mL bottles of Pepsi Nex in Japan next month. The figures are (top row, left to right) Gundam, Guncannon, GM, Mass-Production Zaku, Char's Zaku, Z'gok, Char's Z'gok, Gouf, (bottom row) Acguy, Dom, Char's Gelgoog, Amuro Ray, Sayla Mass, Char Aznable, Gihren Zabi, and Ramba Ral.

Pepsi has held similar promotions with Paramount films (How to Train Your Dragon, Shrek, Madagascar, Monsters vs. Aliens, Transformers, Top Gun, Saturday Night Fever, Flashdance, Beverly Hills Cop, The Hunt for Red October, The Godfather), Warner Bros. titles (Superman Returns, The Matrix, A.I., The Dark Knight, 300, Happy Feet, V for Vendetta, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Enter the Dragon, The O.C.), Fox titles (Fight Club、Titanic、The Day After Tomorrow、Night at the Museum、The Devil Wears Prada、Predator、Die Hard、The Omen、Planet of the Apes、Alien、24、Prison Break), and Star Wars.

Thanks to SDonuts for the news tip.

[Via Camp Donuts]

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