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Manga/Anime's Tiger Mask Inspires 4 More Gift-Givers (Updated)

posted on by Egan Loo
14 more backpacks, 100,000 yen donated in Nagano, Shizuoka, Okinawa, Gifu

On Friday, three more children's centers in Japan received school backpacks and 100,000 yen (about US$1,200) from people inspired by the "Tiger Mask" donations on Christmas and New Year's Day.

A mysterious donor had left 10 30,000-yen (US$360) backpacks at a child guidance center in Gunma Prefecture on Christmas morning. The attached letter was signed "Naoto Date" — the alter ego of Tiger Mask, a manga/anime pro wrestler who fights for children in an orphanage. About 200 kilometers (120 miles) to the south, the Odawara Child Guidance Center in Kanagawa Prefecture discovered six more backpacks from another "Naoto Date" on New Year's Day.


300 kilometers (180 miles) to the northwest, the central child guidance center in Nagano City received an express package of six new backpacks on Friday afternoon. While these gifts were not signed by "Naoto Date," the accompanying letter did say that they were given in the same spirit as the previous gifts. Similar to the earlier gifts, the three black backpacks were in boxes gift-wrapped in blue and the three red backpacks were in boxes gift-wrapped in pink. The typed letter read, "I also have a child who is entering first grade this year." It was signed, "A belated Santa Claus." The center is giving these backpacks to incoming first-graders in orphanages.


Later that afternoon, 250 kilometers (160 miles) to the south, the Shizuoka Home orphanage in Shizuoka City received 100,000 yen in cash in an envelope. The envelope was postmarked from the nearby city of Shimada on Thursday, but the sender did not list a return address or name. The enclosed letter read:
A New Year's Gift

Happy New Year!

I wish everyone who takes care of the children at the Shizuoka Home a good year.

It's not much, but it would make me happy if I can help the children grab hold of their hopes and dreams.

Naoto Date

The orphanage will use the money to buy school supplies.


Finally, 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) to the south on Okinawa Island, a male described as being in his 40s brought three backpacks to the Shimazoe no Oka orphanage in Nanjō City on Friday evening. Instead of identifying himself, the helmeted donor gave the staff a letter signed "Naoto Date" before he sped off on his motorcycle. The letter said, "I present these to those of you entering first grade. From someone who loves you from the heart, gambare! (Do your best!)" According to the head of the orphanage, the children exclaimed with joy, "Wow! He even came to Okinawa!"

Sources: 47News, Mainichi, Yomiuri Shimbun, Okinawa Times

Image © Ikki Kajiwara, Naoki Tsuji/Kodansha, Toei Animation



1,300 kilometers (800 miles) northeast of Okinawa, the Nihon Jidō Ikuseien orphanage in Gifu City discovered five more gift-boxed backpacks on its doorstep at about 9:50 p.m. on Saturday evening. Attached to the new backpacks was a letter that read, "To all of you entering first grade: Congratulations! Naoto Date."

Source: Gifu Shimbun

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