Goo Survey: Re-enacting Romance Tropes From Manga

posted on by Gia Manry
Women pick the romance manga scenes they want to reenact in real life

On December 20 and 21, 2010, the Japanese portal site Goo asked its female users the following question: "Of the typical scenes in a romance manga, which would you want to experience in real life?"

1,128 people responded to the survey, of which 11.9% were teenagers, 17.2% were in their twenties, 30.2% in their thirties, 23.2% in their forties, and 10% in their fifties, and 7.4% sixty or older. Among the respondents, these were the top 10 choices:

  1. Being hugged from behind and told "I love you"
  2. Being asked out in a slightly forceful manner, e.g. "You're going out with me today"
  3. Being patted on the head and told to "Do your best!"
  4. Discovering that their male confidante was in love with them
  5. Turning to look behind them and being kissed by surprise
  6. Having someone worry about them and look into their eyes while asking "what's wrong?"
  7. Being fought over by more than one man
  8. Being grabbed by the chin and kissed suddenly
  9. Seeing him off at the train station and being dragged on to the train at the last second
  10. Having him wipe their tears away while saying "Don't cry"

[Via What Japan Thinks]

Image © Go Ikeyamada

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