Disassembled Life-size Gundam Shot in Time-Lapse Video

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Video of just completed display of statue in parts at Tokyo's Odaiba island

The videographer darwinfish105 posted a four-and-a-half minute time-lapse video of the disassembled life-size Gundam statue on Tokyo's Odaiba Island this past weekend. The statue was displayed at Symbol Promenade Park until August 21. A portion of the proceeds from visitors went to charities for victims of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai) disaster.

The videographer posted another video at the beginning of the display:

The life-size statue first stood at Odaiba in July 2009 and attracted 4.15 million visitors before it closed the following month. (It stood 18 meters, or about 59 feet high.) The statue rose again in Shizuoka from July of last year to March of this year.

Darwinfish105's previous videos include footage of the "life-size" model of the FF-X7 Core Fighter from the first Mobile Suit Gundam television anime series, displayed at the Hobby Museum at the Shizuoka Hobby Fair in 2010. The same film-maker also took footage of the life-size Gundam stature when it was standing in Shizuoka; and film of an 8-meter high Hello Kitty on Odaiba in 2010.

The Asashi Shimbun newspaper also posted a video of the disassembled Gundam statue at Odaiba.

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