Eri Kitamura's Vocaloid CUL Voice, Design Previewed

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Vocaloid3 CUL software package to be released on December 22

The music software and data company Internet revealed the design on Friday for the Vocaloid virtual character CUL, which is based on the Vocalo Revolution television program's mascot character voiced by Eri Kitamura. The company also posted a demo song for CUL. (To listen to the two versions of the demo song, on the linked page click on the two "試聴" buttons.)

The Vocaloid3 CUL software package will retail for 11,340 yen (about US$147), and the Vocaloid3 Starter Pack CUL will retail for 17,640 yen (about US$229). The regular Vocaloid3 CUL software will come with a "Tiny Vocaloid3 Editor" application, and the starter pack will include the full Vocaloid3 Editor software.

Vocaloid3 will be the first major upgrade to YAMAHA's underlying vocal music synthesis software engine in four years. While Crypton Future Media has no current plans for formally porting its Vocaloid2 characters to Vocaloid3, there will be an Import Tool for bringing Vocaloid2 vocal data into Vocaloid3 for free.

The company Internet is also planning to make Megpoid Extend, its in-development upgrade of its Megpoid character voice package (voiced by Megumi Nakajima), compatible with Vocaloid3.

Source: DTM Magazine

Update: Internet already released Megpoid Extend under the name VOCALOID 3 Megpoid. Thanks, Altorrin.

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