High School Boys Anime's Theme Song by Jinkaku Radio Pulled

posted on 2011-12-13 13:00 EST by Egan Loo
Band to exercise "self-restraint" after singer criticized voice actress Yui Horie

The official website for the visual-kei band Jinkaku Radio confirmed on Tuesday that sales of its new single "Hikizan" (Subtraction) have been cancelled. The song would have been the ending theme song for the Daily Lives of High School Boys television anime series, but the collaboration has now been dropped.

The band apologized to voice-acting fans, anime fans, and the band's own fans for "a member's inappropriate remark." In his blog, the band's 35-year-old vocalist Yuuki commented on a magazine cover featuring voice actress Yui Horie on December 3. He said that her appearance "isn't on the level of an idol? Not that she is a mess, but maybe cheap[-looking]?" He added that she has a "USJ [Universal Studios Japan] rather than Disneyland" look.

The band also announced its decision to exercise "self-restraint" after the members discussed the matter with its production team and the record company. Along with the dropped CD single, the band cancelled a December 16 in-store event and a December 25 performance in Tokyo. The new album that was planned for next March has been delayed, and the band members vowed to exercise self-restraint in their blogs, Twitter accounts, and other areas.

Square Enix's official Daily Lives of High School Boys website already stopped listing "Hikizan" as the anime's ending theme song, although it has yet to list a replacement song.

The Daily Lives of High School Boys anime will premiere on television in Japan on January 9.

[Via Moe Ota-News Sokuhō]

Image ©Yasunobu Yamauchi/Square Enix・Daily Lives of High School Boys Production Committee

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