Goo Poll: Anime Foods People Want to Eat

posted on 2011-12-14 19:49 EST by Joseph First
Heidi's cheese, Hajime Ningen Gyatoruz's mammoth meat, One Piece's Devil Fruit top list

From October 26 to November 2, the Japanese portal site Goo asked its users this question: Which food seen in anime, manga, and other stories would you like to try eating?

Among the 22,389 votes, these were the top choices:

Rank Anime/Manga/Story Food # of Votes
1 Alps no Shōjo Heidi Raclette Cheese 4729
2 Hajime Ningen Gyatoruz Mammoth Meat 2444
3 One Piece Akuma no Mi (Devil Fruit/Cursed Fruit) 2357
4 Guri to Gura Guri and Gura's Castella Cake 2117
5 Dragon Ball Senzu Bean 2021

Cobs Online conducted a similar poll from November 25 to December 6. Dragon Ball's Senzu Bean and Doraemon's Anki Pan were the foods men wanted to try most, while the greatest percentage of women wanted to eat the herring and pumpkin pie from Kiki's Delivery Service and Doraemon's Anki Pan.

[Via Yaraon!]

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