Aquarion Evol's Spider Drone Design Process Demonstrated

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Conceptual designer Thomas Romain explains anime's mecha creation stages

Thomas Romain, the conceptual designer for Aquarion Evol television anime, explained the process he used to design the series' spider drone mecha with images on Saturday.

Romain created the spider drone as a two-meter robot for design proposals in December 2009. Producers, investors, directors, and script writers launched production and informed Romain almost one year later that his spider drone had been chosen for the anime.

Romain redrew the spider drone to match mechanical designer Stanislas Brunet's designs in October 2010. Romain re-imagined the spider drone as a giant mecha in two versions, but director Shoji Kawamori asked Romain to combine them and add an antenna. Another designer created a CG model and modified the robot's arm after Kawamori approved the final mechanical design.

In June 2011, Romain made four color design proposals, and Kawamori asked him to create something between two of the designs. When Kawamori approved the new colors, Romain's work was done. Another Satelight studio staff member used Romain's 2D color design to create a final CG-textured design.

Aquarion Evol premiered with a one-hour special in Japan on January 8, after a preview special that aired on January 2.

Source: Catsuka

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