Tiger & Bunny Dishes, Desserts Served at Tokyo's Namja Town

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Kotetsu's Hunting Cap Dumplings, Origami Cyclone's Shuriken Dumpling, Kriem's Mad Bear Crepe, more

On Tuesday, Tokyo's Namco Namja Town offered an advance look at all the dishes that it will sell during its Tiger & Bunny campaign from February 11 to May 13. Namja Town is an indoor theme park in Tokyo's Ikebukuro ward with dozens of mini shops. As they have done for other anime and game titles in the past, these shops will have entrees inspired by Sunrise's Tiger & Bunny anime:

Ivan's Stretched Ice Cream (The dish is made from Turkish ice cream, which is stretched like taffy before serving. Ivan comes with his jacket — made from chocolate — shuriken, and swords.)
Ninja Hero Ice
Saitō-san Gives His Seal of Approval, Too! Tiger Gelato
Sky High's "Sunny-Side Up"! And It's an Ice Cream!!
Tracing Christmas Eve
Nathan's Feminine Power Ice Cream
My Soft Cream Is A Little Cold
Kriem's Mad Bear Crepe
Barnaby's Next Episode Preview Set
Barnaby's Happy Birthday! Cake
My Baked Cheese Tart
Kotetsu's Hunting Cap Dumplings
Kotetsu Dumpling
Barnaby Brooks Jr. Dumpling
"My Name Is Lunatic Dumplings"
"Kotetsu and Antonio Are Drinking Buddies!" Dumplings
"Let's Believe Heroes" Dumplings
Barnaby's Mark Dumplings
Origami Cyclone's Shuriken Dumpling
Kotetsu's Tiger Mayonaise Dumplings
"Good Luck Mode" Dumpling
Carry Me in Your Arms! Tortilla Set
Kotetsu's Hot Dog & Fried Rice Plate
Fried Rice for Kotetsu-san's Training
Cutie Blue Float
Kotetsu & Barnaby's Cookie Set
Customers will receive a free "premium sticker" with each dish. Namja Town will also have a limited-edition passport and game prizes. The complex will host mini game attractions and a "Tiger & Bunny Museum" with character goods, figures, life-size character panels, and other items on display.

Namja Town already held similar campaigns last year for the television return of Gintama, the opening of the Macross Frontier: Sayonara no Tsubasa film, the opening of the Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos film, the opening of The Prince of Tennis: Eikoku-shiki Teikyū-jō Kessen! film, the debut of Squid Girl Season 2, the premiere of the Persona 4 television anime series, The [email protected] anime, and the K-ON! film.

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