Gintama Anime's Return Celebrated With 41 Dishes

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Namco Nanja Town theme park holds event with desserts, entrees until May

To mark the return of the Gintama television anime, Namco Nanja Town (an indoors theme park in Tokyo's Ikebukuro ward) will host a campaign that features 41 different desserts and entrees from February 19 to May 15.

Here are some examples of the different dishes:

"Natural Perm Gin-san 2"
680 yen (about US$8.10)
Vendor: Oriental Blue Moon
(Ice Cream City)
Character: Gintoki Sakata

Turkish Ice Cream Gin-san. The face is Chai ice cream, and the natural perm is a milk-and-black-sesame mix ice cream. Made with Ramune and candy, Gin-san's favorite dango dumplings are included as well.

"Seconds, All Right?" (Kagura's catchphrase: "Okawari Yoroshi?")
730 Yen (US$8.70)
Vendor: Soft Cream Bar
(Ice Cream City)
Character: Kagura

The sailor uniform and spinning googly glasses are made with soft-serve ice cream with an octopus-shaped sausage as a topping. This menu item is based on the Year 3 Class Z character Kagura.

"I'm Really Starting to Die Here!!"
680 Yen (US$8.10)
Vendor: Angelina
(Tokyo Dessert Republic)
Character: Sagaru Yamazaki
Yamazaki's funeral scene has been recreated on a fried crepe. The badminton racket is made with chocolate, while his portrait is made of cheesecake.

"Justaway Cake"
680 Yen (US$7.50)
Vendor: Roman Arbor
(Tokyo Desert Republic)
Character: Justaway
With a roll cake as a base, the face is made of pumpkin cream. The eyes are whipped cream and chocolate, while the hands are stick snacks.

The "Gintama in Namco Nanja Town" will also have a miniature attraction called "Sakura Struggle! Flower-Viewing Battle!" as well as vendor stalls.

Source: Comic Natalie

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