Multiple Hatsune Miku Videos Being Taken Down Overseas

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Crypton Future Media: We are gathering information on the situation

Since November, a third-party individual or group has been filing reports against online Hatsune Miku videos, particularly non-Japanese music videos, and claiming that they are in violation of copyright laws. Many of the tagged videos and their associated users accounts have been taken down on YouTube, but online communities have indicated that the copyright infringement reports are false.

Yamaha's Vocaloid singing synthesizer software allows users to create music tracks that virtual idol characters, such as Crypton Future Media's Hatsune Miku, perform. The copyright violation reports have been filed under "Media Interactive," "Junichi Sasa," and variations on those names. The reports focus on English, Spanish, and other overseas versions of Hatsune Miku songs, while few Japanese-language videos are labeled.

The "Save Miku" campaign launched on Tuesday to counteract unfounded removals of Hatsune Miku videos. Various, similar projects have also formed online to catalog videos removed under suspicious circumstances and protest copyright violation reports.

When ANN contacted Hatsune Miku's developer Crypton Future Media, the company said, "Our company has confirmed that this is happening. We are now gathering information on the situation." There is a Japanese company named Media Interactive, but it has not been verified that it has any connection with the copyright violations reports. ANN is awaiting a response from Media Interactive.

Source: Nico Nico News via Yaraon!

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