Monster Hunter Frontier Gives Players Giant Pocky Swords

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Pocky boxes to have codes for long swords in Japanese MMORPG; ice cream hammers & swords already offered

Japanese game publisher Capcom is teaming up with Glico, the makers of the popular Japanese snack Pocky, to give players Pocky swords in the Japanese role-playing game Monster Hunter Frontier Online. Players can purchase specially marked boxes of Pocky for a code to receive an in-game sword that is shaped like the familiar candy-coated biscuit stick.

Boxes of Pocky containing the unlock code is scheduled to be sold between Valentine's Day, February 14, and August 31. There will be four different types of the Pocky sabers modeled after different flavors — chocolate, strawberry, milk and striped chocolate/milk.

Monster Hunter Frontier Online was released for personal computers in 2007 as a spinoff to Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise. Since last October, Glico has been holding a similar promotion for the game by creating weaponry based on their Papico Choco Coffee snack and Giant Cone ice cream. The former would grant players the Papirio Saber dual swords and the latter would offer the Cone Stamp hammer.

Source: Game Watch via Siliconera

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