Voltron Appears in MetLife's Super Bowl Ad, Web Video

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Combining robot stars along with other animated stars in ad & online "outtakes"

The lion-combining robot Voltron is one of many animated stars to appear in Metlife's commercial that aired on Sunday during Super Bowl XLVI:

Behind the scenes, Voltron shows its moves:

This is not the first time Voltron danced on TV — the American stop-motion parody series Robot Chicken had Voltron dancing nearly seven years ago:

And Voltron paid its dues for Sprite:

World Events Productions, Ltd. (WEP) and the late Peter O'Keefe adapted the first 1984-1985 Voltron television series from two Toei Animation robot anime: King of Beasts Golion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV. Both Golion and the first Voltron story centered on young pilots who fight against an empire of alien conquerors — with the help of five mechanized lions that combine to form a robot.

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game for American football, and it is often the most watched television event of the year in the United States.

Update: More background information added.

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