Pack of Pikachus Roam Through Tokyo Neighborhoods

posted on by Egan Loo
Stretchy-costumed Pikachus with Satoshi/Ash spotted at train stations, McDonald's

A pack dressed in stretchy Pikachu attire was spotted at a number of Tokyo neighborhoods this past weekend. The Pikachus — at least six of them with one cosplayer as Pokémon's Satoshi/Ash in tow — were reported not only in Shibuya and Harajuku in eastern central Tokyo, but also in Hamamatsuchō further west. (The group was sighted grazing at a McDonald's restaurant in Harajuku, wandering through a Starbucks Coffee shop in Shibuya, and riding the busy Yamanote train line.)

According to one eyewitness who reported her sighting to a sibling, "Tokyo's such a creepy place. Pikachus walk the streets like there's nothing unusual. They communicated with each other by uttering "pikachūpikachū."

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