Madoka Magica Portable PSP Game's 3rd Promo Streamed

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Game allows players to change fate, see new witches; new bonus card previewed

The official website for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Portable game began streaming its third promotional video on Friday. The video highlights how the player can change fate by changing the direction of the story. It also previews the new witches that the Madoka Magica anime's Gekidan Inu Curry team designed specifically for the game, as well as a new bonus extra card.

The "Limited Contract Box" edition of the game will contain a figma figure set of Madoka Kaname in her school uniform, a Blu-ray Disc with "special footage," a Kyubey-shaped pouch, a Homu-Homu handkerchief, a special clear card, a SHAFT-illustrated box, and the game UMD itself with an exclusive picture label. People who pre-order the game will receive a short strip of actual film from the new transformation sequences, a serial code for a custom PSP theme set, and a (just announced) Madoka Magica card for use in the Weiß Schwarz game .

The "special footage" Blu-ray Disc will include a "O-Kashi o Taberaretara Ureshii Natte" (If You Eat the Dessert, You'll Be Happy) gameplay video of voice actresses Aoi Yūki (Madoka Kaname) and Kaori Mizuhashi (Mami Tomoe) joining forces to fight Charlotte the Dessert Witch. It will also have interviews with the voice actresses, a gallery of event images (unlockable with a password earned by clearing the game), original wallpaper, a special gallery by the artists at Gekidan Inu Curry, the original soundtrack by Zizz Studio, and a character introduction gallery.

Yusuke Tomizawa (God Eater) and Yoshinao Doi (Steins;Gate, Madoka Magica) are producing the game, and the anime's head writer Gen Urobuchi (Fate/Zero) is collaborating on the project's planning and supervising the scenario. The studio SHAFT (Bakemonogatari) is producing the game's animation sequences just as it did for the original Madoka Magica anime.

Bandai Namco Games will publish the adventure dungeon role-playing game on the PSP system on March 15. The game's regular edition will cost 6,480 yen (about US$84) and will come with an exclusive, illustrated box and a special footage DVD. Pre-orders of the "Limited Contract Box" will cost 11,990 yen (US$155). Namco Bandai Games also released a Puella Magi Madoka Magica iP app for the iPhone and Android smartphones, after releasing the earlier Mami no Dokidoki Tiro Finale (Mami's Heart-Pounding Tiro Finale) game app.

[Via Hachima Kikō]

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