Nausicaä Anime Film's Rerun Spurs 530,000 Tweets

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"Hottest" words during re-airing include "Nausicaä," "Ghibli," "Ohmu," "balse"

According to the Japanese ISP and portal site BIGLOBE's "Twipple Trend" service, users on Twitter posted messages about Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli's Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind to the service a total of 530,000 times during the roughly 150-minute time period beginning at 9 p.m. last Friday in Japan, when the film was broadcast on Japanese television. Peak posting times were during the beginning and end of the film's broadcast (see graph at left.)

The three "hottest" words during the period according to the service were "Nausicaä," "Ghibli," and "Ohmu" (the giant insects that appear in the film), and the 4 most popular characters aside from Nausicaä (whose popularity could not be accurately measured due to the film sharing her name) were the Ohmu, the Giant God Warriors, Yupa, and Kushana.

Japanese Twitter users set a still-unbroken record in December when they sent 25,088 tweets per second during the re-airing of Laputa: Castle in the Sky at the moment that the main characters Pazu and Sheeta say the spell word "balse" at the climax of the film. "Balse" was also the 8th "hottest" word posted to the service during last week's airing of Nausicaä, according to BIGLOBE.

Source: Biglobe via Mynavi News, Anime! Anime!

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