Prince of Tennis Knit Socks Offered in November in Japan

posted on 2012-08-20 18:30 EDT by Lynzee Loveridge
Knit socks in 2 colors feature lines from Keigo Atobe, Mifune

The character goods maker MOVIC is currently taking pre-orders for two varieties of Prince of Tennis socks.

The socks come in both white and black and feature a print of shoelaces and the words "U-17 Japan" written on the top to look like tennis shoes. The bottom of the white socks feature the character Keigo Atobe's line "Kisama-ra Ii Yume wa Mireta ka?" (Did you all have a nice dream?) and the bottom of the black socks feature Mifune's line "Kakumei Ja!!" (Revolution!!).

Both sets of socks will ship on November 22 and will retail for 525 yen (about US$6.60) each. The knit socks are approximately 24-26 centimeters (about 9-10 inches) in length and are made of cotton and polyester.

[Via Fujyoshi News]

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