Next Round of Evangelion Cakes Previewed

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Moon & Kaworu, 4th Angel & Asuka, AT Field cake; Evangelion jelly & spoon set offered

The latest round of Evangelion-inspired cakes were revealed at the Chara Hobby Convention on August 25.

Premium Bandai, Bandai's official shopping website, is currently taking pre-orders on a new 'Moon's Surface and Kaworu Nagisa' cake. The cake will ship in mid-October. The sponge cake is filled with a mango mousse and mango sauce while the moon's "crust" is made of whipped white chocolate topped with coffee powder. The cake comes with an 11-centimeter (about 4-inch) tall Kaworu figure, pedestal, and the "Mark.6" spear. The entire set will be delivered in a freezer for 4,410 yen (about US$56) plus shipping.

Retailers will also start taking pre-orders for a new "Angel and Asuka Langley" cake and figure in October. The cake will bundle an Asuka figure as she will appear in the Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo film, with an eye patch. She will also be holding the Spear of Longinus. The cake itself is in the shape of the head of the 4th Angel.

Additionally, the LAWSON convenience store chain will also begin taking pre-orders on an "AT Field and Kaworu Nagisa" cake at the end of September. The cake is inspired by the series' Absolute Terror Field. The cake and figure will retail for 4,980 yen (about US$63).

Retailers will also begin taking pre-orders on a set of six Evangelion jellies on September 13. Each jelly will feature an angel's face on the lid, and the set also includes a set of matching spoons, with an image of each of the six angels on the spoons' handles. The set will retail for 3,980 yen (about US$50).

Bandai Premium and other retailers began selling Evangelion cakes last year, including a 4th Angel roll cake, an Eva-core unit cake with Asuka figure, a chocolate angel cake with Rei figure, and a NERV headquarters cake.

[Via Minna no Evangelion]

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